We all know what the infinity symbol, or the so-called "lemniscus", looks like. This is one of the preferred designs in jewelry, as well as all other directions of art. The sign symbolizes eternity and endless love. Its popularity is due to its simple and beautiful curves, which are combined with the deep symbolism for its owners. Is each of them aware of its true meaning and origin?

the sign of infinity and stars

How does it all start?

Before it acquired its symbolism of "eternity", the symbol in question was nothing more than a beautiful design in the form of an inverted eight. The first person to use and mention the symbol over 2,300 years ago was Archimedes. The lemniscate has also been found on various paintings and other artwork in the past. The term was not directly associated with symbolism until mathematician John Wallis introduced the symbol to the world. He used it to denote infinity in mathematics in 1655.
Some of the main theories are that the lemniscus derives from the ancient Roman symbol for the number 1000 - CIƆ or from the Greek letter omega - ω. Some argue that the symbol has Tibeto-Indian origins, where the inverted eight symbolized perfection and balance between the male and female sexes. The shape was also commonly seen in a number of "Celtic knots" which, like the infinity sign, have no beginning and no end, representing eternity and limitlessness.

Celtic Knot

The symbol for infinity in our days

In a daily life filled with obligations and lack of time, the infinity sign gives a sense of inner peace. It is a symbol that reminds us of who we are and that our possibilities are endless. Nowadays the leminis is used in meditation as a symbol for balance, focus and harmony.
Considering the origins and deep symbolism of the inverted eight, we should not be surprised by the fact that the symbol is still so popular today. Quite a few global brands nowadays promote this design, extolling its meaning of infinite and overwhelming power and energy. One example of this is the collaboration of Oscar-winning actress, Reese Witherspoon, and the world-renowned cosmetics brand, Avon.

Reese Witherspoon poses with a jewel in the background of an Avon poster

Witherspoon has been chosen as the company's first global representative with the not easy task of leading campaigns supporting women in a large number of causes. One of those causes is supporting women who have suffered domestic violence. "Avon and the actress created a joint bracelet model that carries the message "a future without limits for all women." All funds raised from their sales are used to develop and enforce laws against domestic violence.

The meanings of the infinity symbol and its place in jewellery

The infinity sign is something much more significant than just a beautiful design for our accessories. Aside from being an amazing touch of art and grace, it symbolizes limitless possibilities, undying love and loyalty. The symbol is divided into two parts, representing two personalities merging into one, with no clear beginning or end. This is the reason many people personify their love by choosing a heart-shaped jewel and another one in the form of an inverted eight. We have prepared for you a brilliant selection and combinations of this type of jewelry, which you will find in OUR SUGGESTIONS below in this blog.
People all over the world also use the symbol to express their faith and reverence for the Lord. The infinity sign is not tied to a specific religion. The symbol can be found on necklaces as well as earrings, rings and bracelets. The most preferred combination for jewelry with infinity elements is sterling silver, 925, covered with sparkling cubic zirconia stones or another gemstone.

Why is the inverted eight an ideal choice for a gift ?

What could be more romantic than using the symbolism of loyalty and eternal love when choosing a piece of jewellery for your spouse? We can choose a beautiful infinity sign necklace that our loved one will always wear close to their heart. Although necklaces are an ideal choice, we should not neglect bracelets.


silver bracelet with infinity sign and double ring

And why not make a gift to our dear friend? It would show that the person has our unselfish and unbounded support in an everlasting friendship. Choosing this particular design is never a bad thing, no matter if we are choosing a gift for a mate, close friend or relative. By gifting such a piece of jewellery, we can be sure that we are making a beautiful gesture for a special person to symbolise our endless devotion to them.
Now that you have learned where the infinity sign comes from and what its application is nowadays, it is the turn of OUR SUGGESTIONS. We have prepared delicate jewelry and combinations of silver necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings in the shape of infinity.


Silver bracelet "Forever Together" with an exquisite element symbolizing infinity of cubic zirconia



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