Without the magic of color, the world would be an endlessly boring place. They are an extremely important and integral part of almost every aspect of our lives. Each color has its own meaning, as well as the ability to provoke a reaction or instill a certain mood within ourselves. Scientific studies have shown that over 80% of the visual information we perceive is directly related to the colors around us. Ecological valence theory states that people like colors based on the objects they mentally associate with them. As an example, blue is one of the preferred colours because people associate it with the colour of clear skies and the sea.

Although each gemstone has unique properties and energy, there are some ways to choose the right one without wandering through the tons of information available. One approach that will save you the in-depth research is to choose gemstones based on their colors. This is an easy way to get an idea of what symbolism the different crystals hold and to get yourself pointed in the right direction. The symbolism of colored crystals is also related to the seven chakras in our body. They are believed to contribute to various aspects of our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Don't worry - even if you don't know the chakras, you'll get an easy and quick idea of things, as the meanings of the colored stones in particular also coincide with people's general color associations. Without wasting any more time, let's take a look at the colorful world of some of the most famous gemstones and their meaning.


White or transparent - purity and peace

Examples - cubic zirconia, pearl, selenite, apophyllite or moonstone

The white and transparent gemstones correspond to the crown chakra known as Sahasraha, symbolizing pure consciousness. Of course each crystal has its own meaning, but the colour range is mainly associated with purity, peace and compassion. It is believed to be relatively easy to make a connection with the energy that this type of stone carries. For this reason, they would be a great choice for people seeking peace and harmony. They can also serve as an additional element for people who practice meditation.

detailed photo of a classic silver necklace and two beautiful pendants of natural and raw moonstone on a white background


Blue - peace and communication

Examples - topaz, larimar, aquamarine, lazurite, blue cubic zirconia

Like the refreshing blue ocean and vast sky, blue crystals symbolize harmony, serenity and vitality. They are renowned as extremely influential stones and have the ability to enhance our overall communication and ability to express ourselves.They can prompt us to share even the most personal and meaningful details of a story. This is no coincidence, as the color blue is also directly linked to our throat chakra (Vishuddhi), which is also responsible for communication and the expression of our ideas. Through the blue gemstones, it is strengthened and helps us to communicate freely while remaining completely calm.


Purple - spirituality and intuition

Examples - amethyst, sapphire, haroite, spirit quartz

Associated with the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, purple crystals are great for connecting with our spirituality and intuition. It is believed that through gemstones of this color, we open our "third eye" to come closer to enlightenment and finding our true purpose in life. For this reason, like clear crystals, they are suitable for use in meditation. They can also be helpful when we aim to find creative or other types of inspiration. In addition to the above properties, the color purple is also associated with nobility, magic and mystery. Some people believe that the stones were used by clairvoyants to enhance their sensations.


Red - confidence, courage and energy

Examples - ruby, garnet, rubellite, red jasper, zircon

Red is considered one of the warmest colors and a more popular choice among most extroverts. Some people place red crystals in various places in their home or workplace to stimulate vitality and good energy. If you feel that you need some extra confidence and courage on a personal level, there is no doubt that this is an appropriate choice for your next piece of jewelry.

The red crystals correspond to our root chakra, also called "Muladhara". It is located at the base of our spine, glowing ruby red when clear. The root chakra is responsible for our basic survival instincts and sense of security. Choosing a red crystal will help balance it, resulting in feeling more positive and confident when making important decisions.


Black - protection from negatives

Examples - onyx, black tourmaline, sandstone

When it comes to protecting and banishing negativity, there's no colour better than black. Black crystals are the ones to wear when security and protection is your priority. Black in gemstones is ideal for dispelling your fears and reinforcing your sense of physical and emotional safety. Some people even call them "barrier crystals" because of their ability to act as a shield to negative energy. Black crystals are also associated with our root chakra and our instincts for self-preservation. If you are looking for spiritual protection in your gemstone, let it be black in color.

silver necklace with black onyx in the shape of a heart photographed on a white background


Green -growth and abundance

Examples - agate, malachite, jade

The color green is a harbinger of good luck, wealth, fertility and prosperity. These of course are also major factors that owners of green gemstones aim to attract. These associations are why green jade is considered a sacred stone in Asia.

It is important to clarify that our growth and prosperity are not always related to the material. Green crystals can also help our spiritual development, as through them we are able to better connect with the energy of the earth. If you are looking to bring positive change into your life, the color green will not disappoint.


Yellow - will, optimism and happiness

Examples - citrine, golden onyx, yellow jasper

Solar yellow is one of the most revealing and vibrant colours. Usually, even people who do not have the ability to recognize other colors can only distinguish this one. The energy of yellow crystals is equally strong and optimistic.

Gems of this color are tied to the solar plexus chakra known as "Manipura". This is the chakra of our personality assessment and emotional life, also called the center of power. The reason for this is that it is the center of our strength, willpower, success and emotional sensitivity. Because of its direct connection to these, yellow crystals are a great way to change your outlook, bringing positivity and confidence to any endeavor. Last but not least, balancing the solar plexus chakra will help us discover the power of individuality.


Orange - creativity and change

Examples - citrine, topaz, orange calcite

Orange gemstones are known for having the properties to stimulate creativity as well as boost our enthusiasm and confidence. As a result, they are extremely useful when it comes to assisting with important life changes.

Crystals with orange color are associated with our sacral chakra, which is the center of our creativity and sexual energy. By balancing it, we connect to the inner wellspring of inspiration that allows us to discover and appreciate the beauty around us. On top of all this, orange also contributes immensely to our strong inner spirit - something we absolutely need on the path of change.


We hope that after reading this, you are ready to properly head to the next gem with new knowledge and confidence. In addition to contributing to a more elegant and beautiful look, it is important that your choice is personalized to the overall energy you would like it to bring into your life.

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