Like most people who adore the magical luster of jewelry, we were stuck with the frustration of having to choose between cheap, but poor quality accessories and those that we could hardly afford. We decided to put a lot of hard work, passion and perservance to achieve the highly desired from everyone balance, between high quality jewelry and reasonable prices. This is how in the early 2019, our determination for such harmony lead to the idea of creating a sustainable brand that will create history.

At Silenti, we are on a mission to create quality, affordable luxury jewelry and mainly bring happiness to women around the world. Our community is and will always be the heart of the brand, therefore, we are committed to providing the personalized and special service that everyone deserves.

Our jewelry is made of high quality materials - 925 silver, gemstones and crystals. Each piece goes through a final hand-finishing and laboratory test, where close attention to detail is a must, in order to ensure our customers will enjoy nothing but authentic and long-lasting accessories.

Silenti not only brings a feeling for luxury and elegance, but allows you to express emotions, desires and longings without the need of words!

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