Dream Catcher in Bulgarian means Dream Catcher. The symbol is gaining popularity and can often be spotted in various forms. It is most commonly found in home accessories and jewellery. Since this beautiful Indian amulet is definitely finding its place in our daily lives and in fashion in general lately, we decided to introduce you to its origin, meaning and its application in the modern jewelry world.

Why Dream Catcher and what is its meaning?

As already mentioned, this is an ancient Native American amulet that usually consists of a hoop, symbolizing the circle of life, and a net woven into it that serves to sift out bad dreams and negative energy. At its base, in turn, descend delicate feathers studded with beads and other decorations that accompany good dreams to ourselves. Authentic dream catchers were smaller in diameter and most often made of wood and string. Real feathers, beads and similar materials were used for decoration. It was most often placed over the beds of young children to protect them from nightmares at night. Nowadays, quite a few variations of the symbol have been developed, but despite its frequent and varied presence in our daily lives, the basic details are almost always identical.

Dream Catcher is not just a pendant that would only add aesthetics to our vision or home decoration. This amulet is associated with an interesting legend. Native Americans believe that good and bad dreams are scattered in the air at night. The dreamcatcher helps us by entangling bad dreams and nightmares in its nets, then erasing them at sunrise, but at the same time contributes to good dreams reaching us and staying in our memory.

As mentioned above, each individual detail of the Dream Catcher amulet symbolizes something specific. The picture below clearly shows the individual elements of a Dream Catcher and their meaning.


dream hunter meaning

Some people consider the Dream Catcher to be a common symbol of protection from all evils, not just nightmares.

Despite different beliefs in some cultures, one thing is certain about dream catchers - they certainly wouldn't hurt anyone. In fact, the very idea of protecting ourselves and preventing nightmares is quite interesting and intriguing. The design doesn't lag behind either, which is one of the reasons for its successful application in fashion.

The place of the symbol in contemporary jewellery and fashion

The popularization of this design continues to this day, and now we can find all kinds of jewelry in the form of Dream Catcher. People revere it, and some even tattoo it on their skin. The symbol has an extravagant design that balances symbolism and great looks. The Dream Catcher is prevalent in bohemian society, the hippie movement, and among people who have a more unconventional and artistic style and mindset.

Some designs are more sophisticated and simple:

silver dream catcher necklace photographed on female flesh

silver dream catcher earrings on female ear

While others lean more towards "statement" Accessories:

bohemian dream catcher earrings

If you've decided to add an amazing piece of jewelry to your collection or to delight a loved one, then you should know that the very idea of capturing those beautiful dreams and reveries will make any person feel more at ease.

We've made sure our collection includes beautiful "dream catchers" to capture negative energy and guide you in making your dreams come true!

Choose your new dream catcher now:

dream catcher necklace 925 silver and cubic zirconia

silver earrings with cubic zirconia dream catcher

In this video you will learn how to make a Dream Catcher amulet homemade.

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