What is cubic zirconia?

Since time immemorial, the value of a diamond has been determined by its beauty and brilliant colors. Its sparkle and color are primarily due to dispersion, or in other words the fact that sunlight is refracted into the diamond. The movement of light allows the human eye to notice its different colors. Nowadays, there are many gemstones that have a dispersion effect even greater than that of the diamond, making them no less beautiful than it. One of the most celebrated of these is cubic zirconia.

Cubic zirconia is a gemstone produced in the laboratory through the process of crystallization, looking almost identical to a diamond. In antiquity, people wore it as a protection against evil spirits and against melancholy. Cubic zirconia is considered the stone of the sun and is most commonly associated with the zodiac signs Sagittarius and Pisces.

Why is cubic zirconia a great gemstone choice?

Diamonds are wonderful, but as we all know they are not in everyone's pocket. Cubic zirconia is an ideal substitute, looking just as gorgeous but at a much more affordable price. Mind you, even a trained eye would need some serious equipment to tell them apart.
Daniella Anannia, jeweller from Sydney, Australia, share photo of two engagement rings. One is a diamond and the other a cubic zirconia. The photo shows two incredibly beautiful silver rings whose stones are of quite different value.

two silver rings

Well, were you able to guess which of the two stones is the Isthmian diamond ? The ring you see on the right side of the image is a perfectly cut one carat diamond worth 7,775 $, while on the left side you may notice a one-carat cubic zirconia. The stone looks stunning, and the fact that its price is without the last few zeros of the diamond is just a bonus.
Cubic zirconia jewellery is the best choice for those who want to look smart without compromising their finances. There is a huge variety of shapes and colours available suitable for both everyday wear and more formal events. Be it your wedding, someone else's or just a sentimental gift for a loved one, the combination of 925 silver and cubic zirconia always looks great.

Silver jewellery with cubic zirconia and their place in fashion

Many of the innovative brands in Europe are boosting the presence of cubic zirconia in their new jewellery collections, precisely because they are the perfect choice for any woman looking for stylish and sophisticated jewellery at affordable prices. Whether vintage oriented or jewellery in a variety of geometric shapes, cubic zirconia would enhance any stylish lady's personal collection.

Want to spice things up with something quirky or colourful? Floral motifs have always been and will always be a hit when it comes to jewellery. Whether it's rings, bracelets or earrings, who wouldn't want a dainty piece of jewellery with perfectly sculpted cubic zirconia that can be paired with both elegant and sportier outfits?
If you like the idea, you can take a look at some of our models, such as:

beautiful silver ring with cubic zirconia and green stones for 55 BGN


Silver set "Treasured Dream" with cubic zirconia - frontal photo of the set on white background

Cubic zirconia is also an ideal gemstone for an engagement or wedding ring. The brilliance, purity and sentimental value of these jewels have the power to touch a woman's heart. They are the perfect gift that makes any lady feel special.

pair of silver rings rings for lovers on white background

Choose cubic zirconia

Without affecting our pocket, cubic zirconia jewellery could always truly delight and make our loved one not only appreciate the gesture we are making for him, but also be up to date with the fashion trends in jewellery. The huge variety of shapes and colors combined with a hardness and brilliance almost identical to that of a real diamond prove that this is the perfect gemstone for every taste!

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