It's undeniable that leg bracelets are among the most creative and preferred women's accessories for the summer season. They have their own unique charm and differ from other jewelry. You may have heard that they are only suitable for beach wear, but that certainly doesn't exhaust the options and now you will understand why. The sheer variety of modern designs is the key difference compared to the 90's fashion most people associate them with. They can be paired with almost any outfit and are suitable for a variety of occasions, with few exceptions. Warmer days are already knocking at the door, and the female audience is anxiously preparing their summer outfits, which are guaranteed to be even more amazing if paired with silver leg bracelets. Before we continue with them, we will briefly tell about the origin and history of this type of jewelry.

Origin and history

Leg bracelets date back to the Mesopotamian era, and were mainly worn in ancient Egypt, India and other Arab countries. It is believed that the first accessories of this type originated more than 8 centuries ago. Over the years, women wore them to demonstrate their social status. Ladies from wealthier families enjoyed bracelets made of precious metals and gemstones, while those from the lower classes turned to leather and other textiles. Beyond being a simple fashion accessory, in India, foot bangles find a special place in local culture. For centuries they were a symbol of the marital status of the woman who wore it. Even to this day, it is a traditional gift that brides receive as it is considered a symbol of a long and happy marriage. As far as we know, unmarried young girls also wear them without this being a problem. Silver anklets began to gain wider popularity towards the 1950s, but became more common over the next few decades. They can now be found on the beach as well as during fashion weeks in Milan and Paris.

What to consider when choosing a foot bracelet

  • What will you wear it with

When choosing a leg bracelet you should think carefully about what you are going to combine it with. If you're going to wear it mainly with casual wear, such as sneakers and a t-shirt, you can afford a more broken-up and casual design. Here you have the option to choose between precious metals as well as textiles. A charm bracelet or a bead bracelet, for example, would be quite suitable in both options.

Frontal photo on white background of a female model wearing four silver bracelets - two for leg and two standard

In case it will be more often combined with elegant outfits, such as evening dresses and heels for example, you should choose a more delicate leg bracelet. We advise you to go for silver or gold as they definitely suit such a look better. Don't be scared of gemstones, but stick to a more assembled design.

silver foot bracelet subtlety bead on white backgroundOne of the few limitations with this type of jewelry is that you should avoid wearing them with sneakers and sandals that have molded or other type of laces around the ankle level. It won't be aesthetically pleasing, and it can even hurt the bracelet if it's more finely crafted.

  • How will you wear it

The leg bracelets can be worn on either the left or right leg. There are no set norms for them as there are for engagement rings, for example. Something very important - wear them only in direct contact with the skin. Never put an anklet on your ankle over socks or tights. This is one of the basic rules with these extravagant jewelry pieces. You can wear the anklet even with long pants or jeans, but try not to hide its shine.

  • The positioning of the bracelet relative to the ankle

There are two main ways to wear your leg bracelet. Some women prefer it to be looser, letting it fall slightly below ankle level. The other option is to wear it tightly tucked along your leg, usually in this case positioned slightly higher in relation to your ankle. Here you need to take into account the height of the shoes and the size of the jewel itself.

Two silver leg bracelets photographed on white background on model's ankles

product photography of two silver leg bracelets photographed on a model with a white background behind them

  • The right size leg bracelet

Some models include adjustable clasps to allow a slight margin, but these are usually around 4-5cm in length, so not all of them are 'one size fits all'. We recommend measuring your ankle even if you are buying a bracelet with this type of fastening. To choose the correct size, take a tailor's tape measure and wrap it around the part of your foot where you wish to wear the bracelet. Alternatively, you can wrap the thread around your ankle, then mark where it crosses. Finally, simply measure the length of the thread with a ruler or tape measure on a flat sprinkle. Once you have an exact size, add between 1cm and 1.5cm to it and look for a bracelet with those measurements. For example, if your ankle has a circumference of 23cm, you should choose a bracelet between 24cm and 24.5cm in length. Before making a purchase, also note whether the length of the clasp itself is included in the overall size of the jewellery. Most often, the size is written as follows - 21cm + 4cm. In this case, 21cm is the main part of the bracelet and the adjustable clasp is 4cm long.

silver ankle bracelet subtlety on female foot

As you have seen for yourself, the possibilities are endless. The market offers a huge variety of leg bracelets - silver, gold, steel, leather, textile, etc. Combination options also abound, so just choose the one that suits your style the most. If you've decided not to limit yourself to one bracelet, choose several for different occasions and moods. Indulge your imagination and don't be afraid to put on even a few at once. You can browse our collection of leg bracelets HERE, and we are always available for further advice and help!

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