3 key steps to the right choice

Jewelry brings happiness and is the perfect finishing touch to any woman's look. They are a very meaningful and expressive gift that can easily make a person feel special. However, sometimes we are faced with the dilemma of whether the jewellery we choose will be liked and worn with pleasure. For this reason, we have delineated three easy steps with the help of which you will easily make the right choice for your better half.

1 - What type of jewelry does she wear and what is her style?

The first step is intelligence or Sherlock style. Jewelry is a versatile and fashionable accessory, which means it can be small and delicate as well as large and extravagant. Your girlfriend would only wear the type of jewelry she likes. Observe what she wears most often because it is obviously her favorite. If she likes small classic screw earrings - style "Gentle Tale", stick to this type. If larger dangling earrings are your style, it would be better to go for a model like "Beauty".
It's a useful idea to poke around for jocks in your personal collection to avoid buying something that will probably mostly sit in its box. It's important to keep in mind that women usually spend a long time wondering how to match their jewelry not only with each other, but with their clothes. If you want to make it easier for her in at least one of the two, you can head to jewellery coplets.

925 sterling silver earrings and necklace with cubic zirconia in the shape of a heart

silver set of necklace and earrings in the shape of a heart made of 925 silver photographed on a white background

2 - Choose a piece of silver jewelry that symbolizes something to you.

Jewelry is not just a pretty trinket, it usually symbolizes something about ourselves. In most cases, the choice of such says a lot about our personality and character. Silver jewelry could become more than just a gift for your loved one. If you have already managed to accommodate her taste, also make sure that the jewelry will have a deep meaning and symbolism for her. This would be a great way to express yourself, your mood and emotions. We suggest that you go for some of the established designs in simolica, such as the symbol of infinity or gently and shining heartto symbolize your love and dedication.

Silver bracelet "Two Hearts, One Whole" with two elements in the shape of a heart.

Silver bracelet "Forever Together" with an exquisite element symbolizing infinity of cubic zirconia

3 - Size and quality matter!

When choosing a piece of jewelry, it is important to know the type of metal that was used to make it. You should ask if the item is made of a precious metal, such as gold/silver, or if it simply has that finish. When buying jewellery it is also imperative to ask for a certificate of authenticity from the seller. This is to ensure that you are purchasing your jewellery from an authorised person and that the jewellery has passed the mandatory laboratory checks. You can read more about this on our page "Certified Origin".
Once you've chosen the perfect piece of jewellery, of course you also need to make sure you buy the right size. Size is usually a dilemma mainly with rings. Wondering how to choose the right size? We have a lot of detailed step-by-step information that would help you in this regard and you can read it here. By following the steps listed in the blog, the chance of making a mistake is reduced to almost zero. Even if you don't hit your better half's dream jewel, she will definitely appreciate the hard work you put into choosing it.

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