Have you ever wasted precious time in front of the mirror and wondered what was missing? Well, we've all been in that situation and we can guarantee you that in most cases an accessory, like a necklace, has the ability to add the finishing touch to the perfect finished look. Believe it or not, different types of braids have a big impact on our styling. Of course, charms and gemstones have a lot to do with the sparkly look of any necklace, but the actual knitting it's made of is also a major factor.

Today we will introduce you to the main and most imposed types of knits in the jewellery world, as well as offer fresh ideas for compatible combinations.

1. Classic braids

Classic braiding, as the name suggests, is the most standard and common type of necklace. It is made of identical oval elements connected to each other. Its appearance strongly resembles that of most large iron chains, which have been used for various purposes over the centuries and entered jewellery a little later. Chains with such a braid are beautiful and elegant, but indivual are often not enough to catch the eye. The combination of this kind of knitting with a charm is a must to get the maximum effect out of it.

classic silver braided chain on white background silver 925elongated dangling 925 sterling silver necklace photographed on a woman wearing a black sweater

2. "Figaro" or "Cartier" type braids

Clean and simple, just like the classic knit, Figaro has Italian origins but is a more modern knit. It consists of interconnected flat oval elements of different sizes, the most common row being one longer element followed by two or three shorter ones. The braid suits both men and women, making it versatile and preferred. Our advice, if you're going for a bulkier Figaro-style bracelet, is to wear it without a charm or pendant.

silver filigree or figaro type braided card on white background

3. Rope type braids

Rope knitting is something special and extravagant. It is made of metal segments that are woven together with a subtle curve to resemble the look of real rope. It is important to note that this is one of the strongest knits in jewellery. Its curves often reflect the light in a very beautiful way, giving a glamorous effect to the single strand. In case you are going for a more subtle version of this knit, it would be great to combine it with a beautiful charm. However, if you opt for a more massive bangle, you will have to limit yourself to it.

jewellery silver rope braid made of 925 silver

4. Anchor/Mariner type braids

This knit, unique in itself, is inspired by the marine world. Its English name is Anchor/Mariner because of the similar appearance to the ship's chains that hold the anchor. Besides being very sturdy, it is also a great gift idea for someone who loves the sea, a sailor or someone who prefers a larger and more massive knit around their neck. This type of bracelet is worn without pendants.

silver anchor necklace made of 925 silver

5. Snake braid

We guess you've already guessed where the name of the species in question comes from. In this variant, we see small rings connected very tightly together, forming a smooth ring that resembles snakeskin. These bangles have great versatility, making them even more striking and preferred in everyday life. Although this is a rather delicate and beautiful braid, it is a perfect choice for an everyday accessory as it is much harder to tangle in the hair as well as being quite easy to clean. Our tip here, in case you choose a snake braid necklace, is again to combine it with a beautiful pendant to convey an even more finished look to your accessory.

silver snake type silver 925

silver shell necklace with pearl photographed on a woman with white blouse


6. Venetian braid

The Venetian or so-called box chain (derived from the English word "box", meaning "box") is a chain consisting of square elements, unlike most other braids, which mainly include round and oval ones. Here, as in snake knitting, the squares in question form a smooth texture that gives the dangle a very beautiful appearance. It is present in different sized singles, which again makes it versatile. The combination with a charm is perfectly compatible, and in our personal opinion, even recommended.

silver Venetian braid on white background

two women's silver necklaces with freshwater pearl and solid chain photographed on a table and on a woman behind the table

7. "Panzer" or so-called "Curb" braid

This is one of the timeless and timeless designs for singles, consisting of interconnected uniform elements with a flat shape. We would describe it as an even more sampler version of the Figaro braid mentioned above. If you decide to give a gift to a man, we advise you to choose a larger piece that will accentuate the masculine facial features and create contrast. If you've simply decided to please yourself or a good friend, go for a more delicate and slim silhouette, preferably paired with a beautiful charm.

925 sterling silver necklace

8. "Singapore" type braid

This knit is quite strong and durable, but at the same time elegant and subtle. It resembles the "Rope" type with the difference that here the elements are spirally twisted and clamped together. The sturdiness of the braid again allows you to wear it with a charm without worrying even if the dangle itself is thinner. The pattern is more unconventional and rare, but if you like it and want to diversify, there is no need to hesitate.

silver braid type Singapore

9. Rye Class

Grain grade is a very strong knit that is not subject to bending. It is woven of oval elements in one direction, forming a delicate and symmetrical chain. The resemblance of this braid to the tips of the cereal stems is the reason why it bears this name. It is also known as "spiga", which means "wheat". It is not the most standard choice on the market, but it definitely finds its place in jewelry.

silver braided necklace type wheat grade silver 925

10. Bead type braids

This type of knitting is a series of interconnected beads, and usually the two variations here are either very closely glued together beads, or have a small distance left between them. A common combination is the beaded braid combined with a military pendant plate, but this is not the only variation. The "bead" is not the strongest knit, which can sometimes cause the locket to break if it is finer.

silver bead braided necklace

silver necklace with black onyx in the shape of a heart photographed on a woman at an angle

The choice of a singlet depends on many factors. The most important thing is to listen to your inner voice when choosing jewelry, and anything else. Don't cheat on your style and don't be shy to try out different and extravagant combinations. As we all know, in many cases a sudden idea becomes a hit, and even a long-term trend. Take a look at all our necklaces HEREand expect new additions soon!

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