Symbols are a great way to express a specific idea, vision or leave a message over time. In the modern world, more and more people are resorting to the more meaningful and conceptual accessories. Although trends change at a rapid pace, there is no denying that when we put feeling, thought and idea into a particular piece of jewellery, it automatically takes on greater meaning and sentimental value. Far from just a beautiful accessory, the Tree of Life actually holds many different and profound messages within it. It is one of the most popular signs, which is also widespread in the jewelry world. The Tree of Life is a symbol with thousands of years of history that is present in almost all religions and cultures known to mankind. The reasons behind this fact are many and we will reveal them in detail further on in this article. Let us first introduce you to the meaning of this unique symbol!


Meaning of the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is an infinite circle that connects matter and everything earthly. The circle symbolizes the world, and the tree itself embodies the inseparable connection between heaven and earth. The roots reach deep into the earth, from whose riches the tree feeds. Abundant branches and leaves weave their way towards the heavens under the protection of the bright sun, from whose fiery power the tree draws energy to grow and bear its fruit.

the tree of life

  • Resurrection and strength

The Tree of Life symbolizes resurrection, as in autumn its leaves wither and in spring new life sprouts from the bare branches. It is also directly related to strength. The deep-rooted poles have witnessed ominous natural disasters, yet they continue to provide humanity with oxygen. As we all know, uprooting a tree requires tremendous effort, and this is just another sign of stability.

  • Physical and spiritual growth

The Tree of Life is the embodiment of physical and spiritual growth. Over hundreds of years, from a tiny seed, to a small tree, to a fully mature and large tree, it is in a continuous cycle of growth and development. As human beings, we also go through a process of growth and personal development. Some people believe that the branches of the tree symbolize human aspirations for perfection.

  • Family

The Tree of Life is also associated with family. It is not for nothing that, in tracing our lineage and ancestry, we use a tree model. Each individual branch symbolizes a new beginning. If you wish to visualize the strengthening of a family, this would be a great choice of accessory for you or a loved one.

  • Harmony and fertility

Nature has always been an example of unconditional power, but also a peaceful refuge for many creatures. Trees and other plants have provided shelter, food and an unquestioning sense of peace and tranquility for hundreds of thousands of years. This is the underlying reason we associate the Tree of Life with harmony and fertility.


The Story of the Tree of Life

As already mentioned, this is one of the most ancient symbols in human history. Tracing its development over the years is quite an exciting adventure, as its origins are associated with almost all ancient cultures and religions.

  • Christianity

In the very first pages of the Old Testament, in the book of Genesis (the first book of the Bible and the Pentateuch), the Tree of Life is spoken of. It was located in the Garden of Eden and was situated next to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam and Eve did not have permission to eat from it, for that would have brought them an infinite existence.

adam and eve in the garden of eden
Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden


The tree has a similar presence in Celtic and Norse cultures, where the natives associate it with the Druidic belief in the connection between Heaven and Earth. The Celts not only believed that trees were the ancestors of humans, but even that they were gateways to other worlds. Norse legends also mention the Yggdrasil tree, which again connects the three worlds - the underworld, the world of men and the heavenly world. It also shares its knowledge and wisdom with the mighty god Odin, revealing to him all the secrets of runic symbols.

the tree playedsil
The tree Yggdrasil


  • Buddhism

The most revered and considered the tree of enlightenment in Buddhism is the so-called "Bodhi". It is a large, ancient and fertile fig tree that is located in Bodh Gaya, India. It is believed that Siddhartha Gautama (Buda) has received enlightenment sitting under the tree in question, leading to its popularity and symbolism among Buddhists.

the bodhi tree and buddha
The Bodhi Tree and the Buddha


  • Islam

Islamic traditions and beliefs are that on the leaves of the universal tree are inscribed the names of the people, and the angel of death gathers those who fall by the will of Allah and takes the designated people to the afterlife.

In ancient Egypt, the Tree of Life was believed to be a symbol of abundance and spirituality as well as death. Egyptians believed that the branches represented heaven and paradise, the tree symbolized the center of the universe, and the roots reached to the underworld.

The most iconic tree in African cultures is the Baobab. This is because it serves as a water reservoir.

the baobab tree
The Baobab Tree


During the rainy season it accumulates water in its trunk (it can hold up to 120 thousand litres of water), which it then uses during the dry season, continuing to bear fruit. This, together with the fact that the tree reaches an impressive 1000 years of age, are some of the main reasons it is considered the Tree of Life in Africa.


Why choose the Tree of Life?

Jewellery makes an impact not only with its look, but also with the deeper meaning it carries on its own. The Tree of Life is not just a spiritual or religious symbol. Its beauty is complemented by the fact that everyone could find individual value, meaning and symbolism in it. Should you decide to add it to your collection, rest assured that it is a semi-popular and respected symbol in almost all cultures and religions around the world.

Due to the high interest, a huge number of designers apply this classic symbol in their collections, and nowadays even extravagant interpretations of the traditional design are very common. The last word on this decision is of course yours. If the idea of a new piece of jewellery with significant value and longevity appeals to you, you definitely won't go wrong with the Tree of Life.


Here they are, our silver jewellery embodying this wonderful symbol:

Silver ring "Tree of Life" with cubic zirconia - frontal photo with focus on the tree and the stones on the ring
Silver ring "Tree of Life"

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