Nowadays, bracelets made of sturdy jewellery threads with various silver elements are one of the quite common accessories. There are a few important facts related to putting on and wearing a red thread bracelet that we would like to share with you.

The red thread is associated with various beliefs and interpretations dating back thousands of years - protection from evil eyes, evil forces, lessons and spells. Different cultures and groups of people use the power of the red thread to protect themselves and loved ones.

Red is a symbol of health and God's blood. It is extremely important that the thread be put on with love and pure thoughts by the person you choose to do it. It is believed that the right side of the human body is more vulnerable, and that a person is always harassed from the right. For this reason, it is accepted that it should be worn on the right hand. The red thread also protects against evil eyes and envious people you may meet in the future.

In the past, red thread was tied to pregnant women, brides, small children and babies to protect them from diseases, black magic and evil spirits. Red thread was also put on certain animals to keep them healthy and the year fertile and profitable.

In traditional Bulgarian culture, a red thread is tied every Ignazhden, when the so-called Dirty Days begin. These are the days between Ignazhden and Yordanovden - from 25 December to 6 January. During this period of time it was believed , that water was not baptized and dangerous forces were constantly moving. People who left their homes during this interval wore a red garlic thread or a blue bead. The thread was to be worn until its natural breaking occurred and not to be removed by one's own hands.Product Collection: red thread bracelet with silver element provided by Silentijewelry

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